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could I get game data for trainning AI players ?


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Dear director of CNCNET,

I hope to get data interfaces by which we can see games from start to end. Like Li Feifei's creation of Imagenet, I hope to be provided massive data to train red alarm single person and multi person AI;

Q: What is data?

A: The Empire age has a function, which can resume the competition conducted before and put it in place from the beginning. Note that it is not in the form of video, but in the format of custom data in the Empire age; The red alarm stand-alone has a save function. You can restart the game by turning off and reading the save again;  the data of the red aleart the game data of a map should also be stored, From beginning to end.By this data we saved, we can watch the game many times and again;

Q: What's the use of data?


1. Anti cheating: save the large-scale competition data and analyze it offline to get whether which player is cheating, which is much more rigorous than video;

2. Provide data to facilitate the training of AI players. At present, the red police AI is only a cold enemy or an enemy of cheating. There is still a lack of artificial AI and AI that can defeat human players without cheating (1v1, N V n);

Q:anything alse?

1.I would like to control unit through interface by computer language(C++ or so),for I donot want to consume my time on computer vision.

2.we can get a communtity for AI competetion in yuri/red alert.(I played yuri/alert for 12 years,I like play in team(3v3 2v2).)

3.I am a developer of AI and be expert in c++ and python,I wolud like to join the work developing the function

3.1saving/read game data in time sequence 

3.2control unit by interface of language

3.3other function such as the perception of the map played




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You're probably interested in The Dynamic Patcher then as they have been doing very similar stuff by directly injecting C into the game engine

A newfangled way to make extension for Yuri's Revenge. DP:

You can talk with them in the discord:

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