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  1. PS4=PRO

    Chinese pushers

    this sounds interesting
  2. I think YR should be put in the middle.
  3. USA culture is really interesting!
  4. In fact ,I love the map of TOE you make so much. Wish as much as person play this map possible!
  5. I had to say that Clan system had been released in ZhanWang which is a copy of CNCNET. Now,The Clan system have 30 Clans created. I hope to donate money to stuff of CNCNET,but I am so poor ,WTF.
  6. https://www.douyu.com/1484434 Liver:ABCDEFG https://www.douyu.com/5002897 Liver:Yuri=L These are good player in CN,while they can live in Douyu of China. ABCDEFG/Yuri=L always play in CNCNET and RA2OL in china for Team Games. If possible ,plz add those 2 liver in your page.
  7. There are 8 teams playing: Group A Clan Known members Illustration 1 RTA Team A of RT CLAN 2 RTC Team C of RT CLAN 3 YuriA ABCDEFG(Yuri=Q) Team A of Yuri CLAN 4 SH Team of SH CLAN Group B Clan Known members Illustration 1 YuriB Jumby(Yuri=F) ABCDFEG(Yuri=K) Team B of Yuri CLAN 2 YuriC Team C of Yuri CLAN 3 RTB Team B of RT CLAN 4 Cs Yangmao(T99) Team of yangmao(T99) Detailed list of teams: http://bbs.ra2ol.com/forum.php?m ... =714&extra=page=1 Matches Played Both sides Time of Matches to be played Post of fix match time G1 RTA VS RTC 2018.3.30 to 2018.4.8.21:30 Completed G2 YuriA VS SH 2018.3.30 to 2018.4.8.21:30 SH retire race G3 YuriB VS YuriC 2018.3.30 to 2018.4.8.21:30 Completed G4 RTB VS Cs 2018.3.30 to 2018.4.8.21:30 Completed G5 RTA VS YuriA 2018.4.9 to 2018.4.15.21:30 Completed G6 RTC VS SH 2018.4.9 to 2018.4.15.21:30 SH retire race G7 YuriB VS RTB 2018.4.9 to 2018.4.15.21:30 Completed G8 YuriC VS Cs 2018.4.9 to 2018.4.15.21:30 Completed G9 RTA VS SH 2018.4.16 to 2018.4.22.21:30 SH retire race G10 RTC VS YuriA 2018.4.16 to 2018.4.22.21:30 Click enter G11 YuriB VS Cs 2018.4.16 to 2018.4.22.21:30 Click enter G12 YuriC VS RTB 2018.4.16 to 2018.4.22.21:30 Completed G13 A1 VS B2 2018.4.23 to 2018.4.29.21:30 Click enter G14 B1 VS A2 2018.4.23 to 2018.4.29.21:30 Click enter G15 FINAL 2018.4.30 to 2018.5.6.21:30 Click enter Score table of Group(Start to 2018.04.15): Link of score table in challonge :Group https://challonge.com/zh_CN/EGYPT33TEAMMATCH/groups.svgKnockout https://challonge.com/zh_CN/EGYPT33TEAMMATCH/bracket.svg
  8. The Sponsor is in a big lag.At start,he say he will get $5,000~10,000 for this tourney,but now he only wants to get ¥10,000.I am so Embarrassed ,for I say $5,000~10,000 to you.I think if sponsor cannot donate $5,000 at least,there is no need for them to get you [Most pro guys] to join this tourney:) I think $5,000 is just ok to get you join in the games,¥10,000 is too few to get you on . I am trying to make the sponsor to ensure his original words.
  9. Here are the maps I think : Tour of Egypt Bay of Pigs Army of the Potomac Triple Crossed East Vs Best Unrepentant Islands on the Land Sedona Pass Monument Valley Bridaing the Gap
  10. Hi, everyone! We Chinese want to hold a 3v3 YR cup, if everything is ok, the prise will be 5000-10000$. But first we will resolve the lag problem, please ping the ip below, and tell me the result, so we can choose the best server. @[AuF]Mindwar @VWWWWWWWWWWW @Marsh @Blazer @[nra]Buffalo @JSDS @ALL PLAYERS!
  11. How could you get 4K and 8K work? Plz tell me!
  12. Here are the video(resolution smaller than 4k:3840X1800 ) we recoreded:https://youtu.be/TKOnuJcpkxs In fact,Yuri cannot surport 4k,so a patch for 4K is needed . Wanted: When a map(height or width) is smaller than 4k,when I move screen,it will shake voilently,could you please resolve it? looking forward to seeing you guys release 4k patch and 8k patch ,I am eager to get the 4k and 8k patch.
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