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The Alamo Blitz - FFG version (no timer)


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For Fun Game version of The Alamo v3 - Blitz map from RA2cashGames.com but with removed a "Blitz" timer (game doesn't have forced end now) and correctly working in Red Alert 2 mode of the CnCNet Client. For fast, fun and intense games.

Author of the original map: Burg, Snark.

Game type: PvP.

Refineries and miners are removed - build oil derricks to gain money.
Oil derricks cost power.
All structures are immune to engineers.

FFG version - changes from the original:
"Blitz" timer disabled.
Fixed incorrect RA2 mode structures availability.
Chrono legionnaire can't turn oil derricks to be useless by freezing them for a moment - literally can't attack them at all anymore.
Less damage from oil explosions.
AI players now are able to build oil derricks. But proper work of AI players isn't tested on this map.
No Yuri/No France option doesn't break Allied side gameplay.

Info for the devs:


Oil derrick Points= value changed to the same as Refinery. (Might affect player scores).

Timer triggers disabled by editing [Triggers] section.

Just to be sure there is no bugs:

PrismSupportModifier= redefined in [General]

ProduceCashStartup= for CAOILD changed to 1 ; was 0 


Map preview.


Download v1.3:


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