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Connect to Sole Survivor


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Okay you need two things hamachi and Xwis tool

Hamachi get it here: https://secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi/list.asp

Xwis tool here:http://xwis.net/downloads/XWISC_b.exe


1) Okay once you downloaded Hamachi you should see a black box like this but with out all the networks just a black box with your ip on top.



2)Click on the bottom right icon looks like a triangle then click join a network



3)put this network name as kingvu and password as kingvu *Note it is case Sensitive*


thats it for hamachi right now minimize it


4) Open the xwis tool and input the ip address as like in the picture and press set xwis



5)open WWChat and put any name and pass you want you should be here



From in the image on number 5 you should see that sys has been successful in creating a sole survivor channel that is were we are stuck at for right now wait for more news to be posted. :)

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I and most other hamachi users recommend to use/install Hamachi v1.0.1.5

cuz it is the most stable hamachi version and without many bugs like in other versions !!

get Hamachi v1.0.1.5 here:




I dont know if u have known this:


a hamachi channel for CNC-COMM.com has been created, 3 months ago !!




name: CNC-COMM.com

pass: 0051


+++ case sensitive +++


hf and cya there ;)



btw: i cannot login to westwood online!! i have used WWONLINE v4.200 for 2 months

(that version from the Sole Survivor install CD)


do i need the latest version to connect there?


i get following message from WWONLINE:


We are unable to connect to the Westwood Online server.

Please try again later.


hmmm, or is that address down?







i set this ip into the xwisc tool, setted it, and restored it back to normal!

now im able to login to wwonline and to login to the SS channel there :)

up to now, im happy

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