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"YOU" are the modder! Decide which map should be done next! - Red Alert


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:ranting: OK :ranting:


You wanted it!


I give some examples some of you already wanted...


- WW1 Map MOD





You all are free to send me your suggestions!



All opinions wished and wanted!



After the 15th August GMT+1 this topic will be closed by myself...

afterwards wishes can't be granted... so be fast!    XD




Sincerly Vendetta

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Very well ...  8)


After all these days i got much replies per PM... I didn't intent to get this working this way...


The new Mod/Map will be WWI for Europe map.


The numbers of election were

WWI - 15                                O_o

CIVIL WAR - 4                        :O

MEDIEVAL - 9                          :(

Renegade - 1                          :laugh:


I will release WWI map mod with "vendettamapmodcollectionv3" so be patient until then...


Sincerly Vendetta

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