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Hide Buildings Glitch in the fountain of youth MAP


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I was playing with someone in the fountain of youth map and from beginning he was saying that he will win and you cannot find me 

at the end he was not there, and he was hiding, and we couldn't find him

We were playing a short game and we all searched the map to find him, but we couldn't find anyone knowing what the glitch was and how he did that.


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Are you sure it was the original map and not another version of it? If you were asked to download it, that means it's not the original.
Anyway, this is not an "official" map. Although it's included with the client, it's not one of those designed by Westwood, so I'm not sure how fair it is.

Unofficial maps can be designed to enable secret tricks (cheats) or give unfair advantage to certain sides/spots.
Hiding buildings is one of so many things that can be done.

A few things to keep in mind:
- If you see a warning message that says something like: "The host has different files" when you join a game, that's a red flag.
- If you're playing an unofficial map and the host always picks a specific side or spot, that's another red flag.
- Some "cheat maps" look exactly like the original ones, with unnoticeable changes.
- Generally, playing an unofficial map is risky, because it's hard to tell if there's something wrong with it and what that might be.

Anyway, it might have been just a Pillbox behind a tree :D

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