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New Mission Map : Exit Strategy (Allied Mission, Yuri's Revenge)


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Well here we are again, in advance of my next campaign Im uploading the very first allied mission. This version will differ slightly from the campaign version. However it gives you a taster of things to come.

Exit Strategy - Allied Mission Map for Yuri's Revenge


Author: Concolor1
Editor: FinalAlert2
Created:29th April, 2022

Name: Exit Strategy
Size: 120x70
Players: 1
Theatre: Snow

To play this mission: Yuri's Revenge mission disc is required. Extract the contents of the winzip
file into your Red Alert2 Directory.Launch the game,select new campaign for the Allies.
The game will then launch.

Plot:Mission for the Allies takes place directly during the events of Red Alert2 mission Polar Storm. This means it takes place before Yuri's Revenge.

All is about to be lost and the allies days are numbered! Point Hope, one of our key forward bases is about to fall to the might of the soviets.
We have been outflanked and outwitted. Even now as the soviets surround the base they have launched their ultimate weapon and a nuclear strike is inbound.
Point Hope will fall, the soviets will over-run it and the tide of the war will turn in their favour.
However all is not lost, and safely away from the front Professor Einstein has devised a strategy that may reverse the inevitable. Our base houses a Chronosphere. Einstein has predicted that if charged, at the moment of impact this device will put out a focased discharge of temporal energy.
Enough to rip a hole in time, and possibly send a team through or an individual.
Special Agent Tanya has volunteered to travel to the target zone and pass through the rift.
Our hope is that the rift will lead her a few days back in time, giving us the oppotunity to influence events to a more favourable outcome.
The soviets have already landed at Point Hope and have captured a secret tech lab situated there. Ensure this lab is destroyed, we need to turn this defeat into a victory!

 Objective 1: Get Tanya to the Target Zone 
 Objective 2: Destroy the Secret Tech Lab 
 Objective 3: Keep Tanya alive

A RA2umd.csf file has been added. This will overwrite any other RA2umd.CSF.file which you may of installed in your 
RA2 Folder from previous downloaded missions.The file contains text which been altered in order to fit 
with the maps theme!
Explanation: The all01umd.map file when placed in your RA2 folder precede the standard Allied game disc missions.
This means that the first mission played when the game is launched will be this mission. To restore your games
original first mission simply remove the all01.map file from your RA2 folder.
The RA2.csf file contains the text for this mission, it also preceeds your game disc csf file. As above once you have
finished playing this mission remove the RA2umd.csf file. This also causes your game to revert to reading from the mission 
disc as opposed to reading data from the RA2 folder.

Various slight modifications have been added, all to keep in with this missions theme. The moddifications will not alter your 
original RA2 game.

Credits: McPwny and EggRollz.
McPwny who managed to advise and playtest a few of these despite being busy himself. Providing useful input, and a few hacks that are not widely used or known about. All which enhance the game. Can't thank you enough! 
EggRollz, who playtested all of these for me, found some exploits and gave me some great ideas. He did a great job, and stresses just how vital a playtester is for any project, as someone will always have a unique way of gameplay. Go check his youtube channel out C&C Gameplays.


 Missions available..........1> Signed & Sealed.       (Allied RA2)
                             2> Temporal Exposure.     (Allied RA2)
                             3> Soviet Stranglehold.   (Allied RA2)
                             4> Prisoner of Conscience.(Yuri   YR)
                             5> The Wolves of Winter.  (Soviet RA2)
                             6> Fierce Intent.         (Allied RA2)
                             7> Shock Tactics.         (Soviet RA2)
                             8> Dominance in Mind.     (Yuri   YR)
                             9> Weathering the Storm.  (Soviet RA2)
                            10> In Cold Storage.       (Allied RA2)
                            11> Identity Crisis.       (Yuri   YR)
                            12> Terminal Lunacy.       (Soviet YR)
                            13> Under Pressure.        (Allied RA2)
                            14> Robot Revolution.      (Allied YR)
                            15> Nuclear Winter.        (Soviet YR)
                            16> Last Post.             (Soviet RA2)
                            17> Day of the Desolators. (Allied RA2)
                            18> Engineered to Kill.    (Allied YR)
                            19> Jungle Fortress.       (Allied YR)
                            20> Company of Wolves.     (Soviet RA2)
                            21> End of an Era, pt1 & pt2.(Yuri YR)
                            22> Moon Madness.(TX Expansion)
                            23> Siege.(TX Expansion)   (Allied YR)
                            24> Wipe Out!              (Allied RA2)
                            25> Foothold.              (Soviet RA2)
                            26> Viral Agent.           (Yuri   YR)
                            27> Finnishing Moves.      (Allied RA2)
                            28> Driven up the Wall.    (Soviet YR)
                            29> Wolves at the Door.    (Soviet RA2)
                            30> Tanya's Tomb-Raiding Trek.(Allied YR)
                            31> Fire and Ice.          (Allied YR)
                            32> Celestial Intervention.(Allied YR TX)
                            33> Yuri Resurgence Campaign. 13 Missions
                                             (Yuri YR)                            
                            34> Yuris Revenge Re-engagements Campaign
                                             14 Missions 
                                       (Allied & Soviet YR)


*Included files:
[Exit Strategy all01umd.map] (the map)
[Readme file].txt (this file)
[ra2md.csf],(text game file)






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