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Battle of Bunkers


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Bunkers Map or Battle of Bunkers


[The map has been updated]
How to set players location on the map?

It's team (a) of 2 players on the left on spot 1 and 2 vs team (b) 2 players on the right on spot 3 and 4.

 The last 4 players are just spectators  Canceled: No other 4 player in the map.

Game Rules:

  • Defend your main barrack or you will lose all bunkers and other barracks you've just built.
  • Use your units from the waves to attack and defend to survive, and try to repair them.
  • You will have crates of upgraded Armor and veteran near your base
  • Also, Iron Curtain when you destroy the pipes.

Map features:

  1. All players must be Russia to get the map features.
  2. All of the three sides will drop the same infantry: 4 Conscript and 2 Tesla troopers and 2 Flak troopers.
  3. After a few minutes player will have spies.
  4. Price of a bunker 3000.
  5. You can't build all factories as normal, you just can build barracks and base defenses.
  6. You can built base defenses near each other without need to build barracks.
  7. After a while, you will have Boris. 
  8. Boris price 6000
  9. unlimited source of money to help you to survive. 
  10. Bunkers occupation increased to 8.
  11. Spy can thief the vehicles.

If there are any ideas or notes tell me. 

map preview:









yosef anan - bunkers map 2v2.map

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