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Looking for an old Multiplayer Map

El Capitano

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Hey everybody,

i just signed up to this Forum, because i installed RA2 with CNCNet after a long periode of not playing the game.
When i played daily some years ago,  i really liked a Costume Multiplayer map which i want to play now again.
The Problem is: I can't remember the Name an noone seems to play it right now.

I will describe it as well as i'm able to:

It's a big map fpr 6 or 8 players.

Its devided into two halfes with a small river (not able to build a harbour there) an a whole in the middle, protected by may prism towers. The towers will disaper after some time, so both halfes can fight each other.

Someone here who can help me?

Best regards!!!!


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If I'm not mistaken, it is a version of Rekoool.

I remember playing a Rekoool with exactly what you described; Prism Towers (and anti air) splitting the two sides for a period of time before disappearing or getting deactivated.

There are literally hundreds of versions of Rekoool. I don't know the title of that version, but if you can confirm that the one you're looking for is certainly Rekoool, then we can start searching :)

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Saw this post only now, so I went dig in my maps that I downloaded years ago. Bought back memories of maps like thc, Appel's waste land, old versions of oil, funny big map 4, etc. Also some less fun memories such as those awful MISSING survival maps...

Anyway, I am pretty sure you talk about this map

Good taste. I played this quite a bit back in the day :)

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