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Adding voice lines to YR


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So, I'm trying to add some voice lines to YR from RA1/C&C. I've extracted the files from the old .mix files, and used winamp to convert them to the IMA ADPCM format. 


When I open up the audio.bag and audio.idx with XCC Mixer it pulls up the list, but I can't drop my new audio files into it. I can't even extract files from the bag, rename them, and drop them back in. Not sure how to proceed?


Any help would be appreciated!

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Hello there,

It sounds like you might be experiencing a file permission issue. Make sure that you have the necessary permissions to modify the audio.bag and audio.idx files.

Another potential issue could be the file format or file name. Make sure that the new audio files are in the correct format and named properly before trying to add them to the bag file.

If you're still having trouble, you could try using a different tool to edit the bag file. There are several options available, such as FinalBIG or OS BIG Editor. These tools may provide a more user-friendly interface or additional functionality that can help you add your voice lines to the game.

Good luck with your modding!

Best Regards

Olivia devid

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