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Every few years all these memories of nights spent playing TS with good friends comes flooding back and I get the urge to try and reach out to people, maybe even stick the game back in and install. 

It's unlikely that many (if any) still play or look through the forums. I'm FFn3wl3/Cone91 and I just want to say that even though I haven't played TS in 15 or so years, you guys (the TS community) were great for the most part.

I made good friends here; Meier, firehook, finecigar, Mike, dazirelan and so so many others, including some surprises such as emiliO, Aphrodlte, Tezzism, skylegend.. the list is huge.


I hope you are all in good health and doing well. 

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Hello!!! I haven't played in years and years, but like you I do come back here every so often in the hope that I recognise someone, or that I can feel young again 😛. I did post a 'where are they now' thread, but no one replied except the one remaining player who happens to be retired. 

How are you doing mate? What you up to these days? 

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Hey buddyyyy! 


I'm doing good. Currently in management in mental health but looking at going to Uni again to start something new. Not sure what yet though!


Also trying to pick up my fitness a bit so decided to join a Sunday league football team again. Been a while since I played and my goodness, at 32 it was a long old run out haha. Thought my legs were going to give up on me! 


How about you? What's new?


I wasn't actually expecting any responses. It was more of an appreciation post. The names that I recognise on recent threads, for example c0rpsmakr, I remember from when I played, but we never really spoke or such. Apart from yourself I haven't seen any of my old buddies names pop up recently. Saw dazirelan but not sure how long ago the thread I was reading from was.


Good to see you are still kicking around with the same nostalgia feelings I get!

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Yeah, I'm definitely here for the nostalgia more than anything else. TS has shaped all of our lives in some small way, and I still kind of long for those days when life was so much simpler :)

Glad to hear you are doing well! I turned 38 yesterday and I can tell you for a fact, I am feeling OLD. And to think you are 32! I see some of my old TS mates now with kids and it just seems like yesterday that we were teenagers with not a care in the world. 

Also, what you thinking of doing at Uni? Where you thinking of going? You know I'm a university lecturer now, right? If you need any advice, do just ask!

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