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  1. Disagree on just about every level, and I was there -- and I was good. Quite simply FS was/is: 1) More tactically diverse 2) Fewer bugs 3) Better maps Main reasons for it dying quickly: 1) Different type of player base, with more 'early adopters' who prefer new games, and new challenges. Many FS players left for Ra2 when it came out, and then Dune, etc. Dwindling community led to more people going back to the common denominator for easier/quicker games. Thus it became a self-fulfilling prophesy. 2) Power of the Terrace community. Resistant to change. Made false claims about a game they couldn't compete in. (A lot of them didn't like the blue tib economy, the different strategies, and the fact they couldn't man rush so easily.) 3) Cost of expansion, and time to learn. It was a completely different world back then. This was back when online gaming wasn't a big thing. Anyone who got into TS, typically didn't then go out and buy an additional expansion, with an additional layer of skills to learn etc. Easier to stick to TS.
  2. I can confirm, Sunflight was a woman. This was pretty widely known at the time. No idea if the person in the Sunflight role changed over time of course, but the main Sunflight people interacted with was indeed female.
  3. Yeah, it's funny how FS died out in the end. I think a part of this was because most of the people who moved from TS to FS were the more 'progressive' players, the sorts who are willing to go out and try new things, and as such FS suffered for the fact that most of these same players then went on to other things like Ra2, Dune etc., and various other online games that started to take off around that time. FS as a game is woefully underappreciated by the majority of the community who have been infected with the mindset that terrace is the only tactical challenge, and TS is the only 'proper' ruleset. I could argue about how flawed this whole way of thinking is, but I guess it's a bit late for that 😛
  4. So... I just published a novel! Available in paperback / ebook formats from a variety of retailers worldwide, including Amazon. Check out www.darkesthourbook.com for samples and even a book trailer!
  5. I've recently published a book: https://amzn.to/2OsVmN6

    Check out the book trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZSICTHOPog

  6. ^Yes, he's up there with sonjc 😛 If I get a chance I might write up some rough background info as a lot has happened over the years, and for one reason or another, I seem to have found myself at the heart of it. Here's my old profile page from gamerwarzone, with almost 5k posts(!) If only I had that much free time nowadays...
  7. Mole40k

    "Useless" units

    TBH I agree with a fair few points that IntoTheRain has made. I've been arguing for 15+ years that TS is fundamentally inbalanced and isn't really all that good from a modern standpoint. You certainly wouldn't make a game like it today. The progression is far too skewed and as you say, the 3-minutes-to-max-tech also leads to major issues in terms of how the game plays and the enjoyment non-pros can get from it. The thing you have to understand here though Rain, is that to most people on this forum, TS is THE game that got them into online gaming, and it's a game they've stuck with through thick and thin. I think you'll just have to agree to disagree on this one 😕
  8. Nice post corps Though I haven't played for years, and haven't played seriously for even more years than that, I do still like to come on here and read topics from some of the older players. In fact, this has inspired me to start sorting through my collection of random screenshots, and even look up a few old sites on the internet achive! So to start with, I thought I'd show you all something from the long distant past, c.2003, back when I was on Firestorm (where all the good players were :p), and where TRZ wished he was as cool as me and Pinball and used to troll our forums a bit. This is a screenshot from ggaming.co.uk / freestyle-gaming: OK, so next up we have something from Tibfields 2005. FS was on the way out at this point, and this was just as I was starting to move over to TS and real life started to take over for me. Check out Wuss (Reid): Next up it's cncgamer, 2006. I've tried to pick screenshots that show a selection of old players. Here are exile, t1tanrush and Ste_J: Then we've got cncwarzone 2008: Oh, and here's a good quality screenshot I actually took at the time of you giving me a compliment corps! :D Followed by gamerwarzone 2008 (I still don't know why Petter [the site owner and webmaster] thought it was a good idea to make the from cncwarzone to gamerwarzone. Considering I was an admin there for many years, I barely had more than a handful of conversations with him...): And then finally I've got an early screenshot of the cncevo project 2010. It was a good venture while it started, but lack of player uptake led to us not proceeding with it:
  9. I've recently published a book: https://amzn.to/2OsVmN6

    The Kindle version will be available from 20th October 2018.

  10. I remember YDT! Had some good clan battles with them back in the day. I don't play TS anymore, and haven't for years, but I do like to check out these forums from time to time.
  11. Or of course, there's my guide, which has been around for ages. Corps' is quicker to read mind Browse as a blog: https://cnctiberiansun.wordpress.com/ Download as a pdf: http://mjryder.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Tiberian-Sun-guide-v4-c-Mole40k-2013.pdf
  12. But it's ok Tib Sun fans, cos my (better) guide still exists! View it online here: https://cnctiberiansun.wordpress.com/ Or download it as a pdf here: http://mjryder.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Tiberian-Sun-guide-v4-c-Mole40k-2013.pdf The guide is now 10 years old -- can you believe it! First published in 2007, and updated in 2013, Tiberian Sun: A Player's Guide is your easy-access guide to give you simple hints and tips to improve your gameplay. :-)
  13. You clearly fail to understand the *point* here... Learning a BO will not make you good at a game: learning skills will.
  14. And this question has been asked since about 2000 lol. Sometimes people just can't see the answers that are staring them in the face ^
  15. I'm sorry Pigeon, but this is a very ignorant comment, and ignores the fact that Starcraft and TS are two very different games. I say this as the guy who *did* write the strategy guide, back in 2007, with a few updates in 2013 and later. It's now pretty well search optimised, and given the stats linking not only from my own website, but also from the blog version of the guide, I reckon a large number of players are playing on xwis or cncnet just because of my guide. Not trying to blow my own trumpet, but we've been there and done that you know -- many, many years ago. Honestly, you all need to accept that TS is not appealing to the same audience it was appealing to back in 1999. I was 14 back then and wanted to play online to show off and beat my mates. Kids these days don't care about the likes of TS when they can play better games on their smart phones. The world is a very different place to what it was in 1999 -- the community needs to adapt to reflect this.
  16. Actually, if I remember right, isn't the BO 'pp-barracks-(scout a bit)-ref-war-nodrescue quits' ?
  17. P.S. I quit years ago now. I did try to log on for a few random games about a year or so ago, but no one wanted to help me with my W10 / graphics card issues. Well, it's your loss TS is all I can say
  18. RightAnglez, I don't live in London anymore -- I lived there for ~ 5 years though. I'm now in Lancaster. It's nice up here, 'cept it rains all the time! I did meet Conor (Cone91) yes, but not his mum (Minted69), or Darren (l3urberry) I had completely forgotten about it tbh it was so long ago, but for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to go down to Brighton one day and meet him.
  19. Reid! If you ever come to the UK we should arrange a group TS meet-up. I bet we could get some people together such as Nate, SJMX (maybe?), Dan and a few others, though I think Dan's too cool to admit that he plays TS irl. (P.S. Let's not invite Daz :p) On a related note, has anyone here ever actually met other TS players? I've met Pinball and Cone91 (that was a very random experience lol). Also recently discovered that I spent a couple of years on and off playing with creatjon, only to discover not only did we know each other, but we were in the same class at school and never knew who each other were!
  20. Woah there, 2007 called and asked for its suggestions back! Seriously though, these discussions have been going on for longer than most of your have been playing, and dare I say longer than some of you have even been alive! (Stop and think about that for a moment...) I started playing when I was 13-14, way back in 1998/1999, and even then people were moaning about the drop off in the community when RA2 came out. The thing is, when I think about it, I don't even want to come back and play TS, as quite simply there's nothing for me. The cool people have all gone, terrace bores me to tears, and there is just so much more out there these days! Sure, I miss some of you, but even since most of you have known me the community was in massive decline, and I wasn't even inspired to play properly even then (circa 2007). That's how long this game has been out for! For me, I must say CNCNET has been a massive boon to the community. You guys have done a really great job, and managed to build a community the 'right' way -- by having a great product. Of course you have more than a few advantaged over xwis, but the less said about that the better. So for me , I think your best bet is to focus on your core strengths, and recognise the fact that you are appealing to a completely different user base than you were 10+ years ago. So now really your focus should be: Old school returning players Fans of 'retro' games Fans of older RTS games Fans of other cnc games found within these very forums I could literally write for hours on this subject, and tbh I don't have the time, but am happy to check back here every so often and throw in some comments and feedback. Mike
  21. Just to be clear, you said 'cyborg' so Corps, Wuss and myself all took that to mean 'cyborg infantry', but from your following posts you seem to be talking about 'cyborg commando' (cc), a completely different unit. Cyborg infantry = crap Cyborg commando = not crap I certainly didn't say CC is crap in my guide.
  22. Thanks for the laugh ^. QED, I'd appreciate it if you didn't do a disservice to those of us who were playing back then. Myself and the good players from back then never did that. What nicks were you playing under back then?
  23. Lurker was good on FIRESTORM, but less so on TS. He was highly rated on ladder, but did tend to push with Nautica and his mates. This reminds me of back in the day when I met Middlesky (before he became good) back on FS and we beat the famous Lurk and Naut team on BGH!
  24. That was actually a really good listen. :-)
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