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Modding Question TS & RA2


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If you use C&C95 v1.06c r3, you can add music by extracting themes.ini from updatec.mix and editing it.




I haven't gotten around to implementing the rest of the ini modding system yet though; the music was more or less a proof of concept, which was quite easy to implement since I had been rewriting practically all of the internal music entry handling anyway.


The inis containing all extracted hardcoded data from the game are already available here:


But as I said, only the music one is actually read by the game at this moment.


rules.ini (which isn't in that folder, but can also be extracted from updatec.mix) has settings determining which special scenes (main menu, score, map selection) use which themes from themes.ini



As far as I know, you can add anything you want in RA2 and TS, but there are internal limits to how many you can add. For example, the TS AI starts acting odd if you expand the units list to exceed 100 entries.

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With TS and RA2 you can add more unit and building then stock. Sounds and musics as well. TS don't support a infantry transport helicopter and ships (There are work around for both but no RA1 style transport ships)


With RA2 the rules get a little hard to do but it dose use ships like RA1. Attack helicopter logic dosn't seem to work for the Soviets.

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TS and RA2 maps are not interchangeable.


With TS the infantry transport helicopter fix was done by Carryall=yes but this make the transport drop a infantry than it will take off and land to drop another. This repeats tell all infantry are dropped.


Ships are done by sea based a Weapons Fractory.  This work around breaks some of the stock Single Player missons but since Dawn of Tiberium Age dosn't use them it is no big deal. PPM has the details.


Naval Yard / Alternate Factories.


Naval Yard / Alternate Factories V2.0


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Go to The Construction Yard » Graphics and post. Than use the attachment options below the "Notify me of replies" "Return to this topic." and "Don't use smileys." Put your files into one of "Allowed file types: gif, jpg, mpg, pdf, png, zip, rar, mix, 7z" I use Zip my self since just about evey one has it. than attach if to your post.

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