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How to install the Red Alert Full version on Windows 7?



I have downloaded the Full Version from Red Alert 1 (730 Mb) but now it cannot seem to start or run.


1) I click on the Full-Red-Alert file and then it starts to extract.


2) I get all the AntiVirus/Firewall messages that the game is modifying my files/settings/keys.....I allow them to proceed


3) The whole PC hangs/freezes when the ra95.exe is initialized or clicked on. I just get a black screen.


My question = How can I play the game on single player mode on my machine?


My PC is running Windows 7 with resolution 1366 x 768 RAM 2 GB, Nvidia graphic card....about 4 years old.....I tried to configure the game using the RA Config Tool that is supplied, like changing the resolution to match my screen, but it still hangs.


What else do I need to do to run the game?

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Yay, I finally got it to work......The problem was I installed it in another drive (G drive) , not the master drive, i.e. C drive....


Changing the renderer to Open GL solved the problem. :)


BUT, I do have another question, how to uninstall the Red Alert game in the other G drive?


Is it simply deleting the whole FullRA folder?



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