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The future of Tiberian Dawn Redux...

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Hello everyone, as the news of the release of TDRv1.1 continues to spread, I wanted to take in consideration of some peoples opinions that the mod lacks anything original or anything comparable to the original game. So I have an explanation and a few thoughts.


Yes, this Mod is a recreation of the original Command & Conquer with the goal of recreating the 15 GDI missions and the 13 NOD missions in 3D, and make some "adjustments" and "improvements", since I also had to take into consideration that the SAGE engine in Zero Hour may not be able to recreate all the features from C&C1 and the fact that I would be blasted for lacking originality since there have been lots of Tiberian Dawn Remakes over the years.


I want this mod to be fun and different. After bugs are fixed and other features implemented (e.g. Conyard System) I wanted to do something sorta new that the original C&C game itself did not cover much of, my idea is to include the introduction of a sub-faction or two for both GDI and NOD. (hence the Kanes Wrath or Renegade storyline)

The first will be a GDI sub-faction called Task Force Talon that was founded shortly before the end of the War. They will have some advanced, unique weapons/units and other alternate features. (TBD)

The second will be a NOD sub-faction called the Black Hand of NOD that contains the elite soldiers of Kane. (that many would already know) They will also possess advanced, unique weapons/units and other alternate features as well. (TBD)


I can begin work on this now, or continue to remake the missions and do it later, but I am not gonna risk killing or abandoning the Mod in any way. I want to take this Mod to heights that other previous Tiberian Dawn related Mods did not get a chance to do! I see the future!


Just some thoughts... feedback is appreciated!



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I'm unsure if you have plans already because 1.2 is now released. However, my vote is to continue this mod and add in anything extra you can. (Online support, all campaign missions, all covert ops missions, LAN support) I also highly recommend this mod be stand alone at the end of the road. (I've had to reinstall ZH and TDR twice now because of mysterious game.exe dissapearances)


As for the future, I would recreate Tiberian Sun and Firestorm using the SAGE engine, following the same procedures as TDR. (All campaign missions, online support, LAN, standalone, etc)


When all that is done, I would package all the mods together and call the package "Westwood Reborn"


Only then would I personally create spinoffs. By then, modding experience will have reached an all-time high, and we'd be able to create much better mods and spinoffs.

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