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Red ALert missions - teamtypes wtf?


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As the topic title suggests I'm trying to get my head round red alert teamtype construction in single player mission and I'm wondering if these are all possible, and how (if you would be so kind?)


making an enemy base produce units to attack you - i understand that setting IQ to 5 is not the way to do this, and I almost got it but they seem to spawn random stuff and just pile it in the top left corner/around their base randomly


Making paratroopers drop somewhere from a bomber and then attack stuff.


creating teamtypes of specific units on the map


and making teamtypes appear when a building is destroyed


It's bugging me a bit and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction?

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im not really into singleplayer missions, but ...


search for a trigger named "production begins" .. this should allow them to build in SP


you can drop any kind of units, just create a team with a badger bomber and the units u want to drop (works also with tanks/ships)


triggername: jacko

event: destroyed by anybody, action: reinforcement team: badger-tanks1, place the building on the map and choose as trigger: jacko

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so what does autocreate do?


also I can make stuff appear from bombers ( i should've been more specific), but I don't know how to add orders to a teamtype including a bomber that doesn't make the bomber attack the object rather than the infantry it drops..

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To make a bomber drop units create a team type that is composed of a bomber and any units that you want it to drop. In the orders line order it to attack a waypoint. Now the bomber will drop your units on the the listed waypoint. Any time a bomber has land units in the teamtype game will para drop them from the bomber.

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