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[RA-READ] How can the computer build an bace?


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Hello, after years of fun playing Redalert i am working on making a campain.


now i wand that the computer builds his own bace ( like the origional soviet map "Distant Thunder" scu05ea.ini)

now i am searching for the trigger witch activate the bace building, witch i can not find.


learning fom the origional map the MCV come with a transport boat, move to the wait point, and then  deploy.

this works great in my map, bot now it dos not build the base i put togeter.


dos enybody know wat triggers the base building? i cant find it in the origoinal map

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A "Production" trigger is needed than use "base" to have the AI build buildings.



TD and RA work very much the same way. Autocreate Begins *SIDE* and Production Begins *SIDE* is still the base set up for RA AI. RA has more options over all but the basic set up is the same.

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thanks for the fast replay's,


i have usst both triggers (pruduction & bace).


But it still isent building anything.

the bace trigger can have a value (number) witch is 0

is ther a discription of the value wat it has to be? (Gloogle cant find it)


i also add the map pahaps somebody may see my problem.


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Enter Text mode the "T" on the top right and find the [base] part of the file. At the end of the [base] you will see Player=USSR you need to change this to the side/house you are having building the base (I think you want Player=Greece)


Next I don't know what  "Auto Base Building..." dose. It is not used on ANY map for RA.

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I don't know if the AI will build walls. I don't think it can but I may have things confused with Tib Sun.

Hey thanks again,

the game crash all the time,

now i removed the walls the game runs just fine.

so now i just need to pre-Build the walls and its all dome :)

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