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Unseen Actions / Events! [TS]


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Some of you mappers may have noticed, that in the Trigger section in final sun, in the actions, there are a few numbers missing. These numbers missing are actually triggers you can use, but for some reason don't seem to appear in Final Sun.


Under Actions -


91 = Go Berserk

95 = Nuke Strike

97 = Toggle Train Cargo


I'm not sure whether this is just my computer or my Final Sun, but there are 4 numbers missing here in-between these two, and that’s how it appears in my Final Sun, Trigger actions list.


The missing numbers, which i found out where:


91 = Go Berserk

92 = Turn on Houses Firestorm defence

93 = Turn off Houses Firestorm defence

94 = Fires Ion-Cannon at waypoint specified

95 = Nuke Strike

96 = Fires Chemical missile at waypoint specified

97 = Toggle Train Cargo



In order to get these to work, simply type in the number of the Action (92, 93, 94) into the Action drop-box, and then simply set all the rest.


If you type in any number in the action's drop box beyond number 109, these are all Actions used in Red Alert 2 and or Yuri's Revenge, so using any of the actions beyond 109 will cause you to get the annoying internal error. The same goes for the events too. After number 55, there are 2 more events, which are only used in Red Alert 2 and or Yuri's Revenge. Using these will give you the internal error aswell.

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