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New to Cncnet, oldschool gamer, embarassing issue

Cmd Draven


Hey guys and girls! I'd like to first thank the people who made this possible- I've been a C&C fan for longer than I can remember!


But.. I'm having a problem with the 'CnCNet - Settings'. The port is set to 9001, host is on server.cncnet.org and in the Game Settings, the Executable file is cncnet.exe, with '-LAN' in the 'command line arguments' section. I think that part is where the problem is coming from, but I don't want to fiddle without guidance.


When I click 'OK' on the settings screen, the window changes to a "Connecting to cncnet in 3....2....1..." followed by "Checking for updates". I imagine that part is normal. What I don't think is normal, is that it continually repeats this perpetual cycle of connecting and checking for updates.


If anybody could help, I'd appreciate it. ^_^

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