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IRC for cnc-comm?



It is not too special idea but I do think that at last when we does not have an working WOL server we should use some IRC server to better communication.


Anyways we can use irc.freenode.net for that purpose, or just start our PvPGN server?



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No one said that we are going to use PvPGN. And I have been thinking about an IRC (or something IRC like) for now we will only have the forum as a way of communicating.


and I belive that this topic fits best in the repair bay forum. [moved]

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No one said that we are going to use PvPGN.


I have not said that you must use PvPGN for IRC server services. I just say that it is an option.

Anyways PvPGN as IRC server have also fallowing benefits

- you can chat wia IRC client with WOL clients

- you can administrate PvPGN trought IRC client

- you can use one account for WOL and also IRC client


I hope that you does not hate PvPGN. If so than Im here on wrong place. I will not developing any other WOL server because I have not time to do that. Im here because I do think that when you will use PvPGN for hosting your WOL server, it will be usefull for all of us. I will have active testing and you will have good WOL server with many features and active coding (of course will be nice if anyone from your comunity will coding it too).


Anyways im not in oposit to use any IRC server network for better communication between us.

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