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Tiberian Sun Firestorm - Jotunheim Version 2 (3)


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This is my lastest map for Tiberian Sun, I think it's nice but it's really a remake of a older map I made.



-3 Starting locations

-Some detailing

-Neutral Forces spead over the map


Story (a kinda unlikely one.  :P sorry for any typo's I was tired when I wrote this.)


The frozen moutains of Jotunheimen was hit by a mysterius heatwave which caused the snow and ice to melt. This caused small patches of tiberium to appear, GDI scientists came to investigate this phenomena, but they ware unable to come up with any conclusion, but they discoverd that there was huge deposits of tiberium under this once frozen land now GDI, Nod and other factions fight for control of these mountains.

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ever since my pc upgrade to quad core ts has been like nananana and plays every match at 900% speed wich is a pain but on this map it makes it rather fun as 1 moment ur watching there a fight on ur base the other its there base thats going on so ya its my fav map now :)


hope u dont mind if i steal it and use it on my lan party that im going to host with 30 friends? :) just hope u dont as its a to good map

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