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DOS Sidebar Icon Pack?

Pwn Call

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First time poster here and looking for some help from the die hards!


I've been into C&C my whole life and am working on a map for C&C Renegade.  I was looking to find the original DOS icons from the sidebar for all of the GDI and NOD units (including multiplayer ones, chem warrior, ssm launcher, etc.).  I have searched for them and haven't found them all so I was wondering if anyone has them or could get them for me.  It would be very helpful if someone could point me in the right direction.  Also you will get a generous reward of a shoutout in the read me! XD

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Also do you know why the colors for Nod are yellow?  I can change it easily but just wondering.


Also does anyone know what the font for the sidebar and all of the game for that matter is?  Or where it could be downloaded?


Thanks again!

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Ah I see,  for what I am doing it will be easy enough to color them and save them as a different file.  Any info about the text?  I know it is a really simple pixel text but does anyone know an easy way to get the exact text type?

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