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RA1 official missions map oddities


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Both sixth Soviet missions from the campaign have the template "bridge2.tem" off map, one of the tiles references is tile 11. The template only has 10 tiles.


Some interior missions (from the expansions) reference smudges, yet interior.mix (which contains the interior templates and graphics) doesn't have any smudges. The game ignores it.

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Yes. Maybe at one point WW planed to add multiplayer indoor maps but FunkyFr3sh said he added smudge .SHPs into interior.mix but it caused OOS. Ore seem to work fine as it has been added into the interior.mix but it may be best to ask him about what dose work with out causing a OOS.

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It only causes OOS because if you add it for one client and the other client doesn't have it the network CRC checks/events desync, same with the tesla zap infantry death animation. Arda re-adds it and it works fine online if all clients have it.


Sounds like WW just forgot to include the smudges in the final game.

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