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RA1 Full Map Preview Generator


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This tool generates a preview image of a map using the game's graphics. It's written in c# 2.0 and requires the .Net framework v2.0.


This uses code from OpenRA and code that hifi gave me. Thanks go to Mailaender and pchote for helping me with using the OpenRA code and answering questions. Nyerguds also helped with answering my questions, documenting the tile sets ID mappings used by the game and documenting the remap colors stuff for every color remap. Additional thanks go to the FreeCNC documentation of the game's map format and C&C-RAED for showing me how things should somewhat look like.



ExeFile InputMap [OutputImage] [--DrawVisibleOnly]



RAFullMapPreviewGenerator.exe x.ini derp.png --DrawVisibleOnly


The '--DrawVisibleOnly' option only draws the part of the map that's visible in-game.

If 'OutPutImage' is left out the filename + '.png' is used as file name of the output image.






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Well the problem is that some of the files heavily modified OpenRA code, like RenderUtils.cs. I've also changed the TemplateReader and ShpReader classes slightly and added two new functions to the Palette code to make it easier to load a palette with custom remap for a side and for civilians. Do I add myself to the copyright holder list for those files in addition to listing the OpenRA authors? The platform file isn't modified at all so that should have the original openRA copyright header.

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You can certainly change the code to your needs and take credit for your modifications. You just need to preserve the original copyright and license. http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-faq.html#IWantCredit It makes sense to do this per-file as you mixed OpenRA source code with stuff gathered from other sources like Nyerguds who seems to prefer a custom WTFPL like attribution without copyleft.

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Okay I've added the original header file to the OpenRA code I didn't modify (Format40/Format80/Platform.cs) and I added the following header to the ones I did:


#region Copyright & License Information


* Copyright 2007-2012 The OpenRA Developers (see AUTHORS)

* This file is part of OpenRA, which is free software. It is made

* available to you under the terms of the GNU General Public License

* as published by the Free Software Foundation. For more information,

* see COPYING.


* Additional modifications were made to this code by Iran.




Do I need to supply the COPYING text file with binaries?

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Thanks for looking into it, I'll update the binary distribution and add the file.


Could you take a look at the github repo code now and check if the headers look OK now? I gotta update the C&C preview and RA thumbnail tools too.

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I've updated the binary distributions and source code for the C&C full map preview tool and the RA thumbnail generator too now to comply with the license. Thanks again for bringing it to my attention and also explaining to me what to do with modified OpenRA code files.

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