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(JUMP) Evonix


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Hey, if you are wondering why the name of the map starts with (JUMP), hey guess what? It's my tag so if you see one of these, you know I'm the one behind it all.


I'm still kind of a basic modder and mapper, quite useless guy, but I want tips and tricks. The only way I can achieve this is by actually starting to upload some maps.


What does this map offer? It offers a 96x96 map without any unit or building cost. No water is supported yet in this map but maps with water will hopefully come in the future.

Hope you enjoy this map.


http://www.mediafire.com/view/9sdngabqipnx1k6/(JUMP)E1.MPR on the coding (you can check how I coded it).

http://www.mediafire.com/download/9sdngabqipnx1k6/%28JUMP%29E1.MPR on the map file to download.


Give me more tips and tricks on how to make maps plz!!!


And remember: Chill out and relax.

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just found a bug, the game limits cant be changed inside of maps sadly .. it only works via the rules.ini file directly since the game loads those on the first start only

also, you forgot to add the section name [Maximums] :D always make sure to add the name of the section first and below the keys, else it wont work ! In this case it doesnt really matter since the limits cant be changed anyways, just so you know it the next time you create a map hehe


example for the .ini format:






this wont work:





Factory=32000000              ; 32 is minimum for 8 player game


Overlay=1              ; special case -- only needs one

Projectile=2000000          ; projectile types, not actual projectiles

Smudge=1                ; special case -- only needs one



Template=1              ; special case -- only needs one

Terrain=500            ; trees and rocks

TrigType=80            ; trigger types

Trigger=200            ; triggers themselves



Warhead=10000000            ; warhead types, not actual warheads

Weapon=5500000              ; weapon types, not actual weapons

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