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The latest ra303p patch adds support for coop to the game. You can play against a single player (or multiplayer) house AI and they will use single player AI logic with working triggers/teamtypes and win/lose triggers. The game will read credits, tech level, allies and IQ from the house specific map section of the map. It also will skip the multiplayer unit spawning logic (e.g. MCV when bases are enabled). If you're converting a single player mission you need to check who the player is playing as ([basic] Player=) and replace all mentions of this house with 'Multi1' (first human player) in the map text file. You then need to open the map in RAED and do the same in the team types and triggers menu in the program. Once done add some stuff for Multi2 (the second human player) like buildings and units and stuff.


Then save the map in RAED and edit the map file text, add the following entry:





IQ= (not needed)



Find the [Multi1] section and add Multi2 as ally.


Last but not least under the [basic] section of the map add 'IsCoopMode=Yes'.


This process converts a single player mission by changing the player to the first multiplayer player and adding a second multiplayer player. It creates a two player mission, any additional players will be spectators. Note that until I patch Allies= to start working the players manually need to ally each other.

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