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Co-op Mission: Focused Blast (3P)


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A WIP of sorts conversion of scg13ea.ini (Allies mission 13), for use with three players in CnCNet5. Feedback required in case of bugs and any other horrible broken shit:

Co-op: Focused Blast (3P)


Player 3 controls the Engineers/Medics/Spy, in addition to a couple of Rifle Infantry. P1 and P2 just get Rifle Infantry (unless I missed something in the reinforcement triggers). MAP WILL NOT WORK CORRECTLY (IF AT ALL) WITH LESS THAN THREE PLAYERS.



Multi3 can activate all triggers regardless of unit used. I was going to give them control of nothing but the Engineers, but that would be crap and unfun.

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Currently re-editing this one to allow four players; I'm not sure if I should revert the Engineers back to GoodGuy and enable all players to control them (would make certain triggers easier to fuck around with), or divide them between two houses. Currently leaning towards the 'GoodGuy' option to be honest, at least that way it's also playable with two or three players.



Well fucking forget giving everyone control, a recent test proves that it just isn't workable when players aren't communicating.

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