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Too much Tiberium Fumes? Are we dying? Do we care?


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Hello out there to the fans and critics of the C&C Generals Zero Hour Mod: C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux.


As version 1.2 and patch 1.21 has been released to the public with some success, the creator (sgtmyers88) has been out of the loop due to personal life issues.


The mod has been at a stand still since December. I (sgtmyers88) am not sure whan I will be willing or able to work on this mod again. I have spent days and nights mostly on my own trying to keep this mod going in my spare time for the past two years. However, it has been getting more and more difficult in recent months to do so. Perhaps I had spent too much time on this mod.


The question that haunts me is whether to continue working on this mod at all due to my lack of knowledge in advanced software development and for not being able to give the time and support needed for the mod. From studying forums, websites, and even personal accounts from testers and players of the mod this mod is considered surprisingly inferior dispite its completeness, stability, playability, exclusive features, and lack of major bugs.


It has been unfortunate that a decent launcher system has not been figured out, but I was just not able to get the time to do it or to find the help needed to have one made. It startled me to hear that some people have even said that they liked older versions of this mod better than the latest version (1.21).


I am aware of the superior graphics that C&C3 and RA3 offers but I suspect that by the time I ever touch this mod again the Tiberian Dawn mod for C&C3 will be released thus rendering this mod mostly obsolete. The solution is that I could try adding mission packs or changing Tiberian Dawn Redux to a "epilogue" to Tiberian Dawn like how the Red Alert Aftermath expansion pack was intended to be for RA1.


I would just like everyones feedback, all feedback is once again appreciated.



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Well, I like TDR it's models are a bit bad quality but it has really good game play I think all this mod needs is some tweeks here and there and it will be almost perfect, it could be a good idea to make a few videos showing of the mod more. A big battle between Nod and GDI, showing off the CY system etc. etc. This mods game play is really good as I previusly said. If you need better graphics you could ask the TFTW team, it seems like they will never use their models again. :/


(Hope this made sence I was sick when I wrote this)

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