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Demos recording and playback


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I've added two new arguments to the game -RECORD and -PLAYBACK (CASE SENSITIVE!). When loaded with -RECORD the game will record all matches played and dumps them into a RECORD.BIN file. When -PLAYBACK is enabled the game will launch the RECORD.BIN demo immediately after starting up.


The demo desyncs for some reason and demos of skirmish (all multiplayer?) matches crash the game. I'm looking into it.



1. Fix crash with skirmish (all multiplayer?) demos.

2. Fix the desync.

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>Does it work when changing resolutions between recording and playback?


Haven't tried.


I fixed the crashing in Skirmish but there's something wrong with the netcode events reading or saving code. Instead of playing back orders I give to my units some the orders are applied to the units of the AI different players was playing against. I still don't understand why it crashes in skirmish in the first place other than it crashes trying to execute code for which unit you selected (which i patched out to fix the crash).

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