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CnCNet 5 does not connect for me



I downloaded "Red Alert 1 Installer" and installed it.  When I launch Red Alert, the Game Lobby comes up, but it says "Connecting..." and nothing else happens after that.  I have opened up the ports in the Window Firewall as instructed in another Forum post, but that did not help.

I am running Windows 8.  I installed Red Alert 1 on my two other PCs running Windows Vista and everything works fine, so my router must be okay.


We were previously running the old game lobby on all 3 PCs in my house without any problems.  Anyone have any ideas.

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That would be a possibly except that I have the same security programs on the other two PCs that work fine.

Except of course for the Windows 8 Firewall.  I would think once turned off, that it would be really off, but I'll trying disabling and rebooting.

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Oh well.  Uninstalling all my security programs and disabling the firewall did not help.

Something in the new CnCNet 5 doesn't like my Win8 configuration.  Never had problems with the old version on Win8...

Maybe someone will uncover something in the future. 


Thanks to all for the suggestions.

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