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problems with Ports



Hello everybody, and marry chrismas!

I hope, that everyone can help me.

i am new in this game and i have many problems with my ports.

I am from germany, i Use windows Vista and my speedport is speedport W 501 V

i unlocked the port 8054 (Protokoll UDP) but i can not join the games.

i only can play this game by friends, with another router.(and the same laptop)

sorry for my bad english and thanks for help!


i whish you marry chrismas :)




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that looks like you have a very very slow internet connection :D


if it takes 10min to load 40kb then anything is wrong with it for sure hehe


do you use wifi ? try to connect via a cable


how fast is your connection ?


the time it takes to load the game list on startup is also about the same time it takes for you to see the players in a game room once you join a game, same happens when you host a game

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