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Quality Improvements and Enhancements... We need feedback!


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Hello out there to the fans and critics of C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux!


Since we have received loads of feedback about the Mod as version 1.2 and patch 1.21 have been released back in December 2008. I wish to take note about that most concerns brought o our attention have been graphics quality. Personally, I had strived to make the Mods gameplay as fun, complete, and as bug free as possible while keeping a careful balance between its units and sides, graphics quality came second as it is always being updated anyways. So we do mostly have complaints about particle effects and low quality textures at this point. Along with adding new missions, units, and the subfactions, we did make many enhancements to the particle effects and textures since version 1.1, but your PC graphics settings may have been set too low to see the new settings, which is quite unfortunate. If your PC can handle the settings, you can see the full effects of the particles and textures by moving your Max Particle Count and Texture Resolution sliders all the way to the right in the Options menu of the game and click "accept" at the bottom of the menu. ( do not forget that you will have to select custom graphics options first before you gain access to these settings)


However, this Mod has been built by C&C fans for C&C fans and for as long as I am concerned it will always be developed under that philosophy! So I ask you as either a critic or as a fan of this Mod... help us with your input with getting the quality and gameplay enhanced so we can make Tiberian Dawn Redux stand amongst the greatest Mods out there for the Command & Conquer series! Perhaps we could become standalone one day and become something similiar to a modern expansion pack to the classic game that we have recreated here!


Thank you for your support!


-sgtmyers88 & the C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux Dev. Team

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Thank you for your contributions. I see some Icons we may indeed use to your credit!  ;) we are actually currently working on making all new icon cameos using our 3D models with image editing software. However, we may also release the ones you contributed as a "classic style" icon pack similar to what C&C Shockwave did in their Mod.

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