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How to fix Lan play and play mods via Lan [TS]


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I thought id post this after someone had this problem,

Thanks to hyper for identifying the problem when i was editing my Best of Beta exe.


How to fix play Lan play


Simple visit this site and download the lan patch


You should now be able to play TS and some TS Mods over Lan but not all Mods will work.


How to play a Mod with a custom exe With the lan fix


You should find the mod dosnt work

There are 3 ways to fix this

1) remove the Lan patch (wsock32.dll) This will fix the problem but stop lan play from working.


2) Rename the mods exe from what it is (eg Dawn.exe or Best of Beta v1.2.exe) to gamemd.exe

This allows you to play lan via that mods exe however limits you to 1 mod with a custom exe


3) This is more for the modders/hackers that have made the mod with the custom exe

You can search the wsock32.dll using a hex editor and replace Gamemd with any 6 symbols and

if you call youre mods exe what you renamed the Gamemd.exe it should work.

(there are ways to extend it so you have space for more than 6 symbols but i currently do not know how to do that)


There is a complet turtorial on option 3 by Nyerguds here

Explaining how to allow longer exe names.



The wsock32.dll is set up only to work with a exe file called game (used by RA2 and TS) and one called gamemd (used by RA2:YR) if the exe being run has any other name the dll will not recognise it and the game will send out an error.


Originally posted by Revolutionary (me) on Project Perfect Mod


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