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Base/Start from the same Position ?


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hey guys

after ive build a great map with 2 bases

one for russia

second for allied

is there a spawn Problem with the different Players

cause to start allways from the same base/position


any Option in the map builder?

to Setup the spawn...

i mean allways to start on the same base/position ?

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thanks for the answers

well echo

i allrdy tryed with the Position

but it didnt work

only the mvc start there but you cannot control the base that you want



ive build this map 2 times now

sov. base = Multi 1

allied. base = Multi 2


and on the second time

sov. base = Multi 2

allied.base = Multi 1


but to start on the base that i want

is not every time possible with the different Players in a 1v1

lets say jacko you join my game

then we will start maybe on the first part of "Multi" all the time on the correct pos.


if this not working

then we Need to restart

and try with the second Multi Option for this map

then it work all the time on the correct pos. by choosing the second Multi Option map


what could be the Problem ?

maybe 1-8 start positions ?


its normally a 1v1 map

you can choose 8 start places

but there are only 2 bases

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imaging the colours in order from yellow to brown as the numbers 1-8

multi1 is the first number, multi2 is the 2nd number etc

if 2 players were red and blue, blue=2 and red=3, therefore the blue player would be multi1 and the red player multi2

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