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Issue with running CNCNET5 on mac


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Really exciting to find this wondering site for RA1 !!!!!!!


I'm trying to install RA in my macbook pro retina, running 10.8. I've followed tutorials here and I'm able to run and play RA. I can also run "CNCNET", which I believe is the old platform, and it will get me to the multiplayer->network view of RA. However, when I try to run CNCNET5, I get following error,


"An error occurred, please give the logfile to FunkyFr3sh.

Not enough memory to complete operation [GDI+ status: OutOfMemory]"



I think I have .net2.0 installed correctly, otherwise I wouldn't be able to get this far. I think I also have GDI+ installed, but not sure.


When I get this error, I have 2gb free memory. Though my graphics is poor "Intel HD Graphics 4000, 768M", could this be an issue? Where can I find logs so that we have more info to locate the issue?


Thanks for helping!


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