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C&C95 1.06b Revision 1 patch has been released!


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  • 2 weeks later...

The patched game is supposed to be ran on an OS that isn't 10 years old.


Also, what do you mean with "video compatibility"? If you mean your notebook can't handle 1024x768, then I should remind you that the hi-res is OPTIONAL. You can ALWAYS just switch back by running CCSetup.exe :dry:


As for the huge battles and airstrike crashes, can't help you, never touched anything related to that. If you give me the error message addresses I could look into it, but as it is, you just sound extremely unhelpful and ungrateful. Not to mention you're leeching your avatar from my site without even asking.

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hi pichorra.


i recommend to respect nyerguds a little bit for his work. do you know how long he needed to work on the releases of the 1.06a/b patches? To make you all happy?


in my opinion:

C&C was built to play 1on1 games only thruogh westwood chat. with a modified game code to play up to a 6player game 'online' should be maybe a problem, if you play 50 mammoths VS 50 other mammoths. but i think a changed program code should not be the problem.


you do know that the new CnCNet Client was a free-time project of a mate. he also worked very hard on this project and should get a bit respect for it.


a 50 tanks VS 50 tanks battle maybe causes crashes. who knows.


we already played a ffa 5 player game online with nearly no lags. you can watch them here:

CnCNet Online Gameplay 2009-04-19 (Part 1 of 6)

No crashes, no disconnects, nearly no lags. but i have to mention: we didnt play that hardcore. it was more a just for fun game.


At least i think i do know your problem:

It is a compatibility issue. V1.06a havent set a compatibility mode for your C&C game yet.

I guess you never needed to set any compatibility modes yet, because you have used Win98.

You should change the compatibility mode of the C&C95.exe into Win95 if you are using WinXP or into Win98/Me if you are using WinVista.


Due that 1.06b automatically changes the compatibility mode for each PC which was mainly thuoght for XP or Vista Operating Systems, thats why it can cause those problems at all on your Win98 system! V1.06a havent had this auto-set yet. That is why you are able to simply play without any compatibility modes on your PC due C&C95 doesnt need to have any compat-modes on older Operating Systems while others needs them for newer OS'es!


I hope you understand a bit.


Why downgrading to 1.06a while 1.06b is highly improved etc. I guess you havent read the full changes list. Anyway: "I" recommend to uninstall your current C&C game and to clean install it, patch it with latest 1.06b, right click the shortcut of C&C or directly the C&C95.exe which is located in your main C&C directory, select properties, goto the compatibilites tab and change it. if you still use Win98 so fully disable the compat-mode please.


This compatibility issue causes those ingame Video errors as well. (Tested on Sole Survivor)!


Get either Nyerguds' full-standalone C&C game which is already patched with 1.06b, but then you need to disable the compatibility mode after installing or get the original Westwood ISOs of C&C1.

Dont be afraid: C&C1 and RA1 are already FREEWARE!!


If i have forgotten anything about this problem or you have any more questions or problems, please be cool and ask with nice words into this topic about this 1.06b patch. Many Thanks &




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yes, win98 doesnt have any compatibility setups, thats why it causes problems.

a registry will be added/written into a directory which maybe doesnt exist!!!


i am talking about this directory in the regedit under the HKLM.

maybe this special folder in the HKLM doesnt exist in win98 but will be NEW written thruogh this setup. causes errors. maybe it exists and confuses anything else there. maybe this directory is used by anything else as well.


i cannot be 100% sure maybe only 65% or 70% lol, but those errors pichorra talks about handles about compat-issues on newer systems. i guess!


alright, an other idea is, as nyerguds mentioned already, to disable the high resolution.

if this also havent helped you, keep the 1.06B patch still and overwrite your C&C95.exe with my C&C95.exe.


here you go (unzip it):


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On my Main Computer i use the NOD32 AntiVirus

My notebook i use the Avast! Antivirus, he dont suport the nod32.

No, i dont have inverted the colors on configurations, if i invert the colors, i can see the tanks, menu, but i dont see ANITYNG ELSE than green lines.



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