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LAN-only play





As part of an after-school club, we want to have a big LAN battle with Red Alert.

We have some standalone dual core Laptops running Win7. They have no Internet access. (THey are connected a LAN that we set up with some cat5 and a hub.)


Can we use this software? I downloaded the Installer, installed and ran it, but it wants to download updates when I run CNCnet

Is there a way of bypassing this because we don't want to play online - only LAN.


Thanks in advance

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Hey, thanks for the tips guys,


Just for the record, I took one of the laptops home and let it update.

I then copied the RA folder from that laptop to the others.


Running RA95_spawn.exe allowed me to do what I wanted, - that is, go to multiplayer and then network.

We've had some great massive LAN battles already.



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