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Tiberian Sun Online not working properly



Whenever I start a game, the loading screen overlaps my gameplay map so all I can see it basically the loading screen when the game starts. Im using windows 7 64 bit and I am running it as an administrator. I cannot find how to fix this problem anywhere. please help.

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Well, I lucked up and fixed it, all I had to do was change the gameplay screen resolution to 1024X(whatever) instead of the default 800X600. When I get a ss of it I will post it.


I'd love to see smiffgig's work incorporated into tibsun though. besides that ts doin fine here. but if it ever got popular (which it wont) id like to see smoke comin out of them power plants. and maybe put graphics settings a level higher? kinda sucks no conyard animating and no smoke from damaged units. smoke from damaged units was kidna important to know which units were dying lol.

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