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Adding custom campaign to PortableRA?


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I'm working on a short custom campaign. Details on that unnecessary until it's finished.


Simple enough. I know how to make missions and such (haven't since the old RA95 days, but it shouldn't be too different, or hard to get back into). Can't figure out how to add them to the Custom Missions button.


Another question, unrelated to the topic title, but might as well ask here.


I want to rebalance the factions a bit. For a taste, here's what the tank distribution will be for both sides:

Light, Heavy: Allies

Medium, Mammoth: Soviets

Aftermath units will be largely untouched.


I don't recall that these balance changes would be recognized by the original missions. I know when I play vanilla RA1, the Soviets don't build rangers, even when I mod the ini to make them. How would I go about making the AI recognize different ini mods?




One last question. This isn't terribly major a requirement, but would be nice nonetheless, I suppose. I made plans for it, just in case it was possible, but can just as easily hold those over for an RTS me and my friends are making. Custom units without replacing existing ones: possible in PortableRA? I'll just modify the two special infantry and the ants -- won't be using either of them. Is there any good tutorial on how to add new units to replace existing ones, graphics and weapons included?

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To get the Enemy Mission AI to build new unit combos (e.g. rangers for soviets) you would need to modify the teamtypes. (the simplest Idea would simply be to change every soviet instance of 3tnk to 2tnk and vice versa for allies)

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