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I wanted to modify a bit C&C on Nyerguds patch (sorry if i wrote your name wrong) but in rules.ini is note about splitted rules in two files. Where's the second file to modify? I think it looks like Red Alert 1/2 rules ini. And someone could make a guide how to add new tanks? I know how to do it in Red Alert 2. Thanks and please help fast ;P. (sorry for english , I'm only 13 so i'm very poor  :P)

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C&C1 has no rules.ini file with unit data and such. The only way to modify unit data is with an exe editor. You can use TibEd (only useful for C&C1) or C&C UGE (if your PC is a 32-bit system or you use DOSBox)

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I added new units in C&C95... not sure if they're still in there, internally, but they're disabled, anyway.


They still have issues, anyway. I never found the way the game determines where to draw the unit's turret and muzzle flash.

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