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tunnel servers


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hello guys.


i saw that we can support cnc by hosting tunnel servers.


is this realy a help? i saw some servers with 20 players wich can handle about 300 people.

and most of them are empty. 0/100 and else.


so is it a help to host tunnel servers?



thanks for replay.

iam new to cnc/C&C. i like it and i want to support it by using my 2 root servers

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More tunnel servers are always welcome, but you really don't need to use an entire dedicated server for them (if that's what you mean with root server), maybe a VM or container.


When you say you're new to C&C do you mean CnCNet or the Command & Conquer series?

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official tunnel servers are listed on top, thats why those are mainly used and the unofficial ones are listed on the bottom and end up with less users. (this list is sorted automatically by your distance to the servers)


Sadly we had problems before, people been putting servers up which werent working and all games failed to start if someone tried to use those servers. We had no access to these servers so we could not solve the problem on our own. Thats the main reason why official servers are listed on top while other servers are listed on the bottom


But yes, its always good to put up a server if you have a spare one :P


If you like to have it on top to get more users then we would need to have access to the server so we can fix it up if there is a problem

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the problem you describe happens to 99% because of wrong firewall configuration.

i host the tunnel on a 16GB ram VPS machine with 1GB bandwidth, system windows server.

when i started the .exe he ask me what to do in the firewall. told him its ok, he started and was shown up in the game.

but i had the problem you tell us here. you can create a game and else, but when you start it takes a long time and it the connection gets lost.

i had to do some configurations more in the fireall. tell him that he must let out all incoming datas from outside the network,too. now works fine. i see no difference to peer2peer when i played with some friends today.


anyway, i dont use the VPS alot at the moment. only website stuff and else. i will run the tunnel now in the future. hope i can give the game a little support

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