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problem installing


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Red Alert 1 downloaded and installed fine on my win 8 desktop. But cant get it on my win 7 laptop.

Thought I had it but when I go to play I can get to the lobby but not join a game. Some compatiability issues.

So try to reinstall. But cant get past a security warning box that saids publisher cant be verified. Click run anyway but will not let me past this box.


please any help?



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Not too sure how to post the screen shots.

But problem has changed. But now have 2 problems.

With the laptop I finally got it to work by clicking the run button about 12 times before it took. But it does look like it working.


But a problem just started on my desktop. Over pass couple week have played on the desktop at least 40 times with no problem.

Now I get a error box for win 8.1 smartscreen. Have to go into my setting and turn off windows smartscrren and then rmember to turn back on after a game.


Any suggestions or do you just expect these bugs to pop up.


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