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heli carrier, rules.ini and else


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i found that RA1 has an undevelopened unit, the heli carrier.


i downloaded a file from the internet, a new aftermath.ini and overwrite mine.


but NOTHING happens ingame, no sowjet one, no allied one, nothing.

is it possible that cncnet has something to do with that? i saw datas called spawn and they have rules.ini parts in it.


and thats my second problem.

i gave the atomic bomb more power and set the price to 5.000$ and changed some things more ( missle submarine fires now V2 rockets in long ranges with much more power, but long reload time). works on my win95 pc but not with cncnet with skirmish.


can anybody help me?

i searched for the carrier.  http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=2784.msg17821#msg17821 says just nothing.


and i searched for the rules.ini problem,too. i found that it has something to do with the spawn datas but thats all for now...

thank you

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for cncnet you need to rename your custom rules.ini to spawn.xdp, and your custom aftrmath.ini to spawnam.xdp


make sure you keep a backup of the original files if you want to play online games again later



another option is to add these units to the maps instead of using a custom rules files, this way you will be able to play them online

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thank you very much it works! i can build the hidden transporter and helicarrier now.




















do you have any idea why sovjet can still build the hidden tank? i deleted sovjets from owner, but i can still build it

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