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Tiberian Dawn - Tore's Single player map pack


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This map pack contains two missions:


  • The River
  • The Heat


From the readme:


Tore’s Singleplayer map pack



Put the files of this zip file in your C&C1 folder. To play start C&C1 and click on new missions.


The River (GDI mission)


Commander we have uncovered a Nod base in Germany, your orders are to destroy this Nod base and eliminate all Nod forces in this area.


Destroy Nod SAM sites to get air support.


The Heat (Nod mission) (beta version)


Commander, there is a Nod base in central Africa that is under heavy attack by GDI and local militia. Your mission is to "save" the pinned down Nod forces and purge this area clean of those who oppose Kane's words.


Oh by the way commander there are some captured Nod SAMs in the village, destroy them and the Brotherhood can provide you with Air strikes!


Go to www.cnc-comm.com for more maps for classic C&C games!

Visit N3tRunn3r’s nice C&C site as well www.red-alert.net/n3trunn3r


Have fun! :)


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  • 1 year later...

Hi Tore,

You know, I'm organizing the huge pack SP missions.


Do you have updates in these 2 missions?

Didn't play them yet, but it will happen.


I already "own" feedbacks on a bunch of missions: Nyerguds, LKO, Pichorra.

The day will come ehehheehhe ...

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