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Various noob questions


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Hello everyone, first post here. I've started playing through the Tiberian Sun campaign for the first time in years and comparing it in detail to the older games. Please tell me if the following statements are true:

-you can run over bikes from the side

-allies can send harvesters to each other's refineries in MP


-you can't manually change the target of a SAM site or Tower (makes engineer strikes easier)

-SAM sites are no longer more vulnerable while firing (they are less resilient by default than in C&C though)


-flying units can be hidden behind some buildings (avoiding targeting by enemy fliers)

-Orcas can attack air to air if you target the enemy fliers while they're on the ground

-you can't queue multiple units to use the service depot

-Orcas forget their target's position if the target is fast moving and far away (need to repeat the attack order while they’re closing in)


Also, are there any new mods for this one focusing on bugs and gameplay improvements? The ones I've found seem pretty minor (hyper patch and ump). Thanks.


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In Tiberian Sun no unit can attack air to air by default.


You can change the target of turrets/towers. Not sure about SAM sites.


SAM sites do not go under ground like in C&C1 and thus have no extra armor when not attacking.


I'm pretty sure you can queue units on the service depot like in RA.


There are no mods focusing on bugs and gameplay improvements save for HP and UMP (UMP is mostly meant as a base for mods though). You can check out Tiberian Sun Retro, but that mod changes a lot.

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