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Cap on units/buildings?


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I'm kind of curious why there is a 500 infantry/tank/building and 100 vessels/aircraft on this game, its annoying in infinite money maps with like 8 players and I'm kinda curious whether it could be changed somehow. I'm assuming its hard coded that the game can only handle 500 units at a time but I'm wonder if it could get unofficially patched so the cap doesn't get reached as easily, especially when someone leaves the game and the AI builds so fast they reach the cap and no one else can build anything.

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i doubled it before, but the game would become unplayable laggy with that amount of units so i had to change it back to the default settings


you can experiment with it on your own, open spawn.xdp (in your game folder) with notepad, in there are all the limits somewhere :) this will make your game incompatible tho, you will need to share you custom file with others to be able to play it with them

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