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Tiberian Sun Screen Resolution and Windows 8


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Hi all,


Does anyone know whether you can adjust the screen resolution for Tiberian Sun on cncnet for Windows 8? The option to change the resolution settings via cncnet is greyed out and when you try and amend the game file it just defaults to an unknown but enormous setting. As it stands I think I am on 800x400 and can only see 7 boxes in the build menu. Having chatted with a number of players and watched a few videos etc I can see that the majority play with a much higher resolution. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Kind regards,


Chris (aka en3rgy52)

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Hi UltATK,


Anything bigger than 800x400 to be honest. Does 1024x768 work?







open cncnet5.ini file

at top it has




may wanna make sure the destination is right for you wherever you have the game folder. idk if that matters or not or if you even need the cncnet5.ini

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Hi Funky,


I thought I downloaded it from here, although I seem to recall downloading the game from xwis first and then from here. Perhaps they are conflicting with one another. I will give the /install ts-config download a shot. Thank you for your help.

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