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  1. en3rgy52


    There is a core of WW plays left. Some are more active than others and some you may not recognise as the name I know them as is probably completely different to what you may know them as. c0rpsmakr Humble Tigerr TopRush Cambria Skylegend T1ght4 (REDRUMURDER) anon Black sexpro House Avan (haven't seen in a while) Ray (not very often) TRZ Mola Nate Shredded (no one knows who he is) Kenshiro JESUSCHRIST
  2. What's happened to Tigerr and Top? Did they lose too many times and rage quit?
  3. I consider myself active and unbiased and I would say these lot are the strongest players currently playing WW maps (no particular order). Humble c0rpsmakr Skylegend T1GHT4LIFE Tigerr TopRush TRZ avan carnage Cambria greyhonda Dareeta (not seen for a few weeks) Trooper07 The following are the best of the rest and can quite easily cut it in 2v2s but lack the consistency of the above. Again no particular order. Anonymous Powerush Sexpro MattRyan Southvibe Fastfire Wuss (would be in list above but he CBA) Thaillest xmexyou en3rgy52 Killernav GETATTHIS Stylewars SEX4KING Hope this helps. Apologies if I have missed anyone off.
  4. This is such a stupid question, everyone knows nodrescue is the best TS player.
  5. Hi mate, thanks for the response, look forward to trying it out.
  6. Sounds great but I have two questions. Would bombers and banshees not become to powerful in long games? Wouldn't it mean that whoever gets an upgraded MK first on a map like terrace is pretty much guaranteed a win? The second question really applies to high level games.
  7. What a stupidly, outrageous and ridiculously good idea. Humble for President anyone?
  8. Hi all, Is anyone else experiencing issues with harvesters these last few days? Playing as BL on terrace I have had several harvs go in a big loop to get to the tiberium, never had this issue before. Whilst in BR I had one harv half enter the refinery whilst the other sat there spinning on the spot, again never had this issue before. Has something been changed recently that might cause harvester pathing issues? I know TRZ was having issues on the map Area 51, which is a mod map I know, but I have never had the issue he was having whilst in the spot he was playing from. Cheers, e
  9. en3rgy52


    Clans were the core of TS. Winning the clan ladder was always seen as more of a feat than winning the 1v1 ladder. I have no doubt that reintroducing a clan ladder would bump up numbers.
  10. Ikeren, you are correct re the first two engineers damaging the building and the final one capturing it.
  11. Hi Ikeren, a few responses to your queries. A refinery costs $2,000 and comes with a harvester, when you sell a refinery you get $1,000 back whilst a harvester alone costs $1,400 to buy. In Tiberian Sun it has become standard to play with a multi engineer setting which means it takes 3 engineers to capture an undamaged building compared to 1 in the older C&C games. An infantry rush at the start is used to stop your opponent from disruptor rushing or engineer rushing and to generally try and slow them down, if you win an infantry battle at the start you can slow your opponent from teching up and getting KO units like disruptors or MK2's early on in the game. With regards to disruptors, you can one shot a refinery and a warfactory with a disruptor if you use it a certain way, however, it is not possible to one shot a construction yard and so it is easier to defend. Nod does get used but the map of choice for most 1v1's (Terrace, as per the videos) tends to favour GDI over Nod, also the players in the tournament tend to favour GDI over Nod anyway and some of the top Nod players haven't been able to enter. I would also say that this is probably the first time some of these guys have ever tried commenting on a video so they will get better as they get more practice. Hope this helps.
  12. Good work on recording some of the Cambria and destroy3r games...
  13. Interesting, he told me he was but under his usual login.
  14. You haven't heard of Aestethic? You are in for a big shock when you play him. He's the best player I have come across on recent months, c0rps & ray being the only exceptions.
  15. You aren't very popular are you?
  16. I wouldn't worry about it TRZ, c0rpsmakr is going to win, ray 2nd, this new guy Aestethic 3rd and Benny 4th. You'll be lucky if you get past Nate in the first round.
  17. It might be an idea to put the time of the tournament in UK, European & Aus time as well.
  18. I was trying to highlight ways in which it might have occurred without cheating. The less people know that it is actually possible via other means the better.
  19. It could be one of two things. 1. They were allies (perhaps unbeknownst to your friend) and build in allies base was enabled in the game options. 2. He captured a building with engineers and then built in his base.
  20. en3rgy52

    WW games

    Is it me or has there been a significant drop in the number of WW map players and games in the last few weeks? Whenever I have been on in the evenings (European time) there seem to be no WW games running. Are you yanks still playing but I keep missing you?
  21. Isn't that basically what happens on FF 1v1?
  22. I don't think Chill is all there, I think he is, shall we say... a few shillings short of a pound or a sandwich short of a picnic or a few cards short of a deck etc etc...
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