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  1. I can't get over how much some of are you are letting Black troll you.
  2. Some of these lists show how little some players play against the top players. TRZ, Mola, c0rps and Humble are all pretty much spot on. One player who hasn't been mentioned but deserves to be is Sol. When he's playing regularly he's right up there with the names that have been mentioned. I don't play much 1v1 as I much prefer 2v2 but for what its worth, some players play much better with certain players as different play styles clash or compliment each other. Some players are also much better at 1v1 than 2v2 and vice versa.
  3. These players i would consider to be among the best current players; Tiger, Toprush, WeaponX, Trz, Humble, Cambria, c0rps, red, ray, sexpro, grey, avan, trooper, finecigar, i0nstorm, skylegend, carnage, dareeta, although the latter five have not played much recently. There are some other good players who are capable of winning games vs. the above but not very often. Just because you aren't listed above does not make you a bad player by any stretch.
  4. On the map issue alone, there should be a "classic " map ladder and a "mod" map ladder with standard maps only in the former and giants et al in the latter. The issue of VET is a different one, personally, I think the game should be left as is. Unit upgrades were never a fundamental part of the game and should be removed from the ladder. There have always been balance issues with the game and this is a much more sensitive topic. What we shouldn't be doing is fragmenting the community, which to some extent, has already started to happen with players refusing to play with or without the balance changes. My feeling is that the majority would prefer to keep it as it is.
  5. The game has always lacked classic tournament maps. Terrace is so popular amongst high level players because it is about as even as you can get in the TS map pool. The game has always needed new tournament focused maps that are balanced but in keeping to the original TS map aesthetics.
  6. Maybe I should rephrase the question. Why does having more than one login make the ladder better?
  7. Why do you want more than one login per month for the ladder?
  8. I don't think it is as simple as saying GDI are OP. The Nod vs GDI match up is very map dependent, some maps mean that the GDI unit advantage is non existent. The defacto map for the community for good players is Terrace, which does typically favor GDI, especially in 2v2, although I would say there are generally less good Nod players at a high level. All GDI disruptor and MK attacks are extremely vulnerable to sams and rockets whereas with a sub, you can roam around the base until you find an opening, providing your opponent doesn't have an emp which is not likely for the first few sub attacks. Nod get cash back via successful engi attacks which goes someway to compensate for additional costs for CC. GDI need a service for a carryall and a sensor to successfully counter Nod attacks so that's additional cash required for GDI that isn't for Nod. CC's are cheaper than MKs. There are bugs that could be fixed I agree but I think you yourself show that Nod don't need to be buffed to compete.
  9. en3rgy52


    There is a core of WW plays left. Some are more active than others and some you may not recognise as the name I know them as is probably completely different to what you may know them as. c0rpsmakr Humble Tigerr TopRush Cambria Skylegend T1ght4 (REDRUMURDER) anon Black sexpro House Avan (haven't seen in a while) Ray (not very often) TRZ Mola Nate Shredded (no one knows who he is) Kenshiro JESUSCHRIST
  10. What's happened to Tigerr and Top? Did they lose too many times and rage quit?
  11. I consider myself active and unbiased and I would say these lot are the strongest players currently playing WW maps (no particular order). Humble c0rpsmakr Skylegend T1GHT4LIFE Tigerr TopRush TRZ avan carnage Cambria greyhonda Dareeta (not seen for a few weeks) Trooper07 The following are the best of the rest and can quite easily cut it in 2v2s but lack the consistency of the above. Again no particular order. Anonymous Powerush Sexpro MattRyan Southvibe Fastfire Wuss (would be in list above but he CBA) Thaillest xmexyou en3rgy52 Killernav GETATTHIS Stylewars SEX4KING Hope this helps. Apologies if I have missed anyone off.
  12. This is such a stupid question, everyone knows nodrescue is the best TS player.
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