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CnCNet Youtube Content Creators/Managers Needed!

Guest neogrant

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Hello everyone,


CnCNet is in need of content creators and managers for the new official CnCNet youtube account.


We are looking for a group of players, who can upload videos, manage playlists and/or feature other youtubers work on a weekly/fortnightly basis.


If you're interested, talk to us on IRC developer chat and show your interest, or reply back here with how you can help.

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I can do video editing and cgi graphics:


I dont use CGI graphics currently on my own channel or much video editing. I try my best to use the best tools for stable/smooth framerates and image quality.


I use lightwave 3d. The same program Westwood used to make most of their CGI for TibSun. Hehehe...


I'm assumnig this is the main youtube for cncnet?



I'm not a part of the RA1 community. I used to play it a lot before TS came out but im still not a part of that community. :/ nevermind lolololol *runs away*

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I have experience uploading videos, video editing and cgi graphics (mainly with bryce 4-7.1 but I play with anything I can get my hands on.)

I have experience in graphic design and a little bit of a lot of things. I would be happy to discuss my personal and professional experience in more detail if you are interested.

you can reply here or pm me on cncnet.  My nick is amokk.





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